Clique Aqui

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  • Program originally developed in response to student needs.
  • Individual Classes or in small groups
  • Classes customized for each individual student or group.


  • Learning a language is training.
  • Practical application is fundamental.
  • Training involves "communication situations": telephone, bank, meetings, reading, writing texts, faxes, etc.
  • We place a special emphasis on oral communication.
  • Grammar, while absolutely necessary, is not the end, but rather the means.
  • The four channels of communication:

Material Used:

  • Book for Adults: FALA BRASIL, by Pierre Coudry (director of Interclass) and Elizabeth Fontão (researcher of Unicamp).
  • Book for Children and Young Adults: SEMPRE AMIGOS.
  • Other Materials


The Culture: its value
The student needs to know the culture of the country where he lives or works.
Interclass offers:

  • Special classes: History, Politics, Economy, etc.
  • Cultural trips: museums, coffee farms and other historical sights in Campinas and São Paulo.
  • Activities with teachers and their relatives: picnics, soccer games, water rafting and other festivities.