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Interclass is founded by Maria Apparecida Coudry after a successful 17 year career teaching French language and literature in various universities. Ms.Coudry's training and philosophy, and her emphasis on developing new techniques and methodology for teaching foreign languages, continues to influence the educational approach at Interclass.


Interclass establishes a course to teach Portuguese to foreigners based on a new method developed at Interclass itself.


The refinement and evolution of the Interclass method results in the publication of a textbook based on our philosophy, Fala Brasil: Portugues para Estrangeiros. Now in its 13th edition, Fala Brasil is currently used at a number of universities in America (Harvard, Wharton School, Iowa State), as well as elsewhere around the world (Diplomatic Language Centre-London) and continues to be a valuable tool in our program


Interclass creates the Brazilian Cultural Orientation Program. An orientation program designed for long-term visitors and expatriots who will be living in Brazil, BCOP helps foreigners to quickly adapt to Brazilian culture, and is a direct outgrowth of our interest in teaching language through cultural exchange.


Publication of a Portuguese textbook specifically created for younger students, Sempre Amigos.


Our current client base includes Goodyear, Rigesa (MeadWestVaco), Motorola, 3M, Presbyterian Mission (see our Missionary Page), and the British Diplomatic Service