(made to fit)

Know the Project "Tailor Made" of INTERCLASS in companies

History: Begun in Tess, with the objective of adapting our program to the enviroment of Tess, in other words, preparing the students, according to their needs and encouraging the use of English.
The Tools
The Teacher: is the principal tool in the project, an experienced, capable professional and very much involved, is what guarantees the success of the Project. Our team has these characteristics and it couldn't be any different in a school founded and directed by teachers since 1973.
Interactive Box: The team from Interclass sets up an Interactive Box with diverse materials of interest of the students. This box stays in the company at the disposition of the students. It contains: work of literature divided by levels, dictionaries, films without subtitles, specific reading material (readings of specific interest to the students), the glossary (see below) and audio tapes. These are provided to stimulate the use of the box.
The Glossary: The professors develop, with the help of the students, a survey of a specific vocabulary to the company and elaborate a glossary. The glossary is continuously updated and we make periodic checks to keep it up-to-date.
Bulletin Board: Interclass installs a bulletin board in the company and with it the students have another source of stimulation to practice the English language.
Activities: Interclass promotes various activities to give the students the possibility to practice the English language, involving them in the culture (language is directly connected to culture) and to have an enjoyable time using English. These activities include:
  • Hill Billy Breakfast
  • English Club
  • Christmas Party
  • Saint Patrick's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Interclass Music Hall