You will be studying Portuguese in the best school of Brasil. You will be living with a Brazilian family and will spend one week exploring the Atlantic Forest and the beautiful coast of the State of São Paulo.
The city . . . . . .
Campinas is a city of one million people located 1 hour from São Paulo. It’s a city knownfor its universities and high technology industry.

The school . . . . . .
You will have 3 hours of Portuguese classes a day (9 to 12). Classes will be individual or in groups of up to 4 students.
Interclass, the language school, is acknowledged as the best school of Portuguese for foreigners in Brasil.
During the afternoon you will have opportunities to practice what you’ve learned and visit many places in Campinas and it’s surrounding areas. (see example of schedule)

Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) . . . . . .
The tropical forest of the South-East- Mata Atlântica – is considered the richest forest in terms of biodiversity in the world.
You will hike trails in the Parque da Serra do Mar, swim in waterfalls and visit a desert island. There you will enjoy the sun, swimming and snorkeling. All this under the supervision of the Nacel Open Door people and two local guides (official park rangers).
On the last two days, you will visit Ilha Bela island and the historical city of São Sebastião. Wonderfull trails, beatiful beaches, what a great way to say good bye to Brasil!
Duration: 2 or 3 weeks (can be extended)
Age: for persons 14 or older
Participants: minimum of 2