You will practice in the Careca Sport Center that has modern installations and much experience in training young people. The owners of the Careca Sport Center – Careca and Edmar – were soccer players for the Brazilian National Team and for big teams in Brazil and Europe.
You will live with a Brazilian family and, to help your communication with this family and at Careca Sport Center, we will provide you practical Portuguese lessons (day by day and at the soccer lessons).
You will spend the day at Careca and there you will also have lunch (see example of schedule).

The city . . . . .
Campinas is a city of one million people located 1 hour from São Paulo. It’s a city known for its universities and high technology industry. Campinas has two major soccer teams – Ponte Preta and Guarani. Both play in the top division of the Brazilian professional soccer league.
Duration: 3 weeks or longer
Participants: minimum of 2
Age: persons 13 or older